Friday, June 22, 2012

Group Policy: Pin Items to the Taskbar

I have seen a lot of posts with solutions to automate taskbar pinning.  The one I choose to work with came from the following link:

This is a well made VBScript that can pin and unpin items from the taskbar.  Depending on the program you are trying to pin you might have to do a little experimenting outside of these blog posts to get it working.  Here I'm going to show a solution that worked for me and my own way of deploying this script over Group Policy for Windows 7 Deployments.

1) Take your final SetTaskbar.vbs script and place in your deployment folder.  Mine is \\MySCCMServer\Packages\Windows Deployment Folder.

2) Recreat the below Computer Group policy Files Preference.  Notice that under the Common tab I checked Apply once and do not reapply.  This Group Policy process only needs to happen once per machine to be effective.

TIP: GPP Files will create any folders in the destination path that do not exist. There is no need to create missing folders.

      Source:  \\MySCCMServer\Packages\Windows Deployment Files\SetTaskbar.vbs

      Destination:  %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\SetTaskbar.vbs

3)  Any users who logs on for the first time on a deployed machine will get this VBScript in the startup folder which causes the script to run.  The taskbar links you requested are added or removed and then the script deletes itself.  The script STILL exist in the default users folder waiting for the next new/first time user to log on to run once on a new profile.

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